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Stong College Class of 2024

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Yesssirr it's that time of the year again, the best time of the year, the most lit time of the year... it's FROSH TIME !!! 

Tomorrow at 12pm is the time that you will be enrolled into the ranks of a Stong Spartan. Make sure you are all there on time, with energyyyy, with the highest level lit-ness possible. You will not regret coming into our Frosh. Below is the link for our opening ceremonies which starts at 12pm:

Throughout the day we will have different links for each event. To access the links for each event you need to refer to our Frosh Schedule on our website: 

Each event picture is a button that will send you to the event when the link is open at assigned times. Please sure to look at the Frosh Schedule at the above link. 

Also the very last thing...attached in this email is a file explaining how our point system works. Please take a look at that prior to 12pm. We will further explain the point system at the opening ceremonies. 

I cannot wait to see all your beautiful faces tomorrow at 12pm. Until then... stay lit, stay blessed and stay Spartans!!!  

Spartans Lead The Way 


Welcome to the official Stong Class of 2024 Group!!! Make fr...
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