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Frosh 2020

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Hello Future Spartan,


First off we would like to thank you for RSVPing with Stong College for our Frosh Orientation week. We are so excited to meet you and see you at all of our social, academic and group events. We have so many activities planned for you, but most of all it is our pleasure and honour to welcome you into our ranks as a Stong Spartan. Attached is a detailed schedule of all of our events through September 5th - September 12th.  

Also if you have not already bought your FROSH KIT please visit Stong Shop to purchase our frosh kit. If you have purchased a Frosh kit, you are ahead of the game. We will be introducing a participation system very soon, and purchasing a frosh kit will get you 100 points. These participation points will allow you to win some possible prizes at the end of Frosh. Some of the prizes will include:  



-Annual Blue Mountain Ticket 

-And many more

Frosh kits are slowly running out so if you want to have some extra points even before Frosh starts, get those fire kits. We have lots of awesome merchandise and we want you to wear them and feel a part of our family and trust me you will not regret buying our kit. I still have mine from Frosh and that was 4 years ago.

You will be receiving the links to the events as the days roll forward, but be sure to tune in and get ready for SPARTAN BOOTCAMP!!! Please keep in mind you will only receive the links if you have RSVP. So if any of your friends want to join, remind them to RSVP at Stong Frosh.  Please make sure the emails you have used to RSVP are the correct emails!!! We are trying to make the zoom links as secure as possible so we will be sending out details in the next 2 days as well as Saturday morning.  VERY IMPORTANT: when logging into zoom please use your YU passport account login (it is free when you use your york accounts), otherwise you will not have access to our zoom sessions. We are doing this to keep everyone safe and accountable during our online session for Frosh week. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for your emails and website/app notifications as updates will be sent out in the next 2 days. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or dm through the website/app. Until then, stay safe. stay lit and stay hype my friends. 

Kman signing off

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